To reduce that habit of Smoking

You must have heard, seen and read this umpteen times. And yet, it does not matter to you? Read on, to see what it takes to reduce this dangerous habit – The habit to Smoke. You must have already been shown the list of health hazards caused by this habit. There is one hazard that is a little different from the rest of the hazards that you know of.

Results from a survey conducted on Appeal for smokers, showed that the opposite sex has an affinity to those who used to smoke, but now are trying to reduce or stop the habit! And this affinity is more to such people as compared to those who never smoked!

Surprising as it may seem, it is a relevant argument. The reason for this is that it takes discipline and determination to refrain from falling prey to this habit. But, it takes tremendous will power and more determination, to hold back from it after having fallen into the hands of this habit.

Some steps to reduce smoking:
• Affirm the reason why you want to reduce smoking.
• Gradually increase the duration between cigarettes – Smoke in odd or even hours.
• Nicotine compensation – As you start reducing the number of cigarettes per day, you can compensate for that urge, by inhaling deeper when you smoke (whatever is the reduced number you are presently smoking)
• Try to limit smoking to certain places only.

There are many more steps that can be exercised based on individual choices. For instance, some people ensure they start smoking as late in the day as possible, this way they are able to reduce the total number of cigarettes that they smoke in a day. It is up to you what you plan and how you plan to achieve this.