Signs of Infertility

Unfortunately, many women go through some form of infertility. The confusing issue is that some women will show signs of infertility early on, while others won’t have any clue until they are actually trying to start a family. There are many different forms of infertility, but you should understand that they affect both the man and the woman.

Seeing your doctor if you have been trying to get pregnant and it’s just not happening is important. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean two weeks of unprotected intercourse. You have to have been sexually active with unprotected sex for at least one to two years. Plus, you should have been having sex at least 3 times a week.

This is the normal criteria from almost any doctor; often times you will be referred to a specialist. Those common signs of infertility revolve around an irregular menstrual cycle. Even though this may be an early sign, it could also point to various other issues that don’t necessarily deal with infertility.

Weight seems to be a huge factor when it comes to being infertile. Keep in mind; it’s not just about being overweight. Several women who are too thin can experience infertility. This is due to a lack of nutrients, and those who are overweight might suffer from hormonal problems. The end result is a messed up reproductive system.

Then of course substance and alcohol abuse can also lead to infertility. However, these are more causes as opposed to signs of infertility. If a woman uses illegal drugs or other substances, her body will be affected in a harmful manner. The fact is that either of them can cause growth and conception issues for the fetus.

While the focus is usually on the woman, there could be signs of infertility in a man as well. Two of the most common are anatomic or physical problems. For instance; undescended testicles can be one factor. It may sound off the wall, but men who wear tight underwear or jeans could have an inability to produce the right sperm. Then of course heat exposure to the scrotum and gonads can also lead to a problem.

While a man and a woman are different, their signs of infertility can be the same. They can both have weight issues; have a substance or alcohol abuse issue, and various other traits that are similar. What it comes down to is both parties have to monitor their bodies and figure out what could be the cause.

If conception doesn’t happen, concluding that infertility is the issue may not be the answer. It’s possible that you’re not having intercourse at the right time, which is when the woman is ovulating. Using an ovulation kit or keeping track of basal body temperature may help in determining the appropriate time of the month for trying to get pregnant.